Brian Brewer

Specialist in Software Performance, Automation, Test Engineering, and DevOps

I am experienced in agile product management and strategy, cloud infrastructure, continuous integration and deployment automation, scaled test automation and performance testing, and helping individuals and teams develop to their full potential. I've worked in a wide range of environments including banking and finance, media encryption and streaming, mobile and distributed device development, apparel and footwear design and distribution, and operations support.


Nike, SDET, SAP Cloud Automation Engineering

2/2019 - Present

  • Provided quality and testing leadership for a small team that focuses on infrastructure deployment and operational support for more than 1000 SAP systems across Nike operating on AWS and Azure platforms.

  • Wrote and maintain CI/CD pipelines for custom toolsets used by our team for automatically capturing and deploying SAP deployment configurations.

  • Provided maintenance support, improvements, and new features for our deployment toolsets including work on Terraform, Puppet, and the Python SDKs for AWS and Azure.

  • Built a framework for micro-services based reporting, system maintenance, and testing using Azure Functions and leveraging custom containers.

  • Wrote a Python based custom bot for Slack integration, then migrated our tools to Slack’s internal bot tooling when it became an available option.

  • Championed agile development practices, continuous integration and deployment practices, code maintenance, and continuous testing across the SAP organization. This has helped change ABAP development practices and lowered overall cloud cost.

  • Introduced the use of Kubernetes to the wider SAP organization. Built and maintained a set of EKS and AKS clusters for the wider team and led the migration of our tools to these

Environment: AWS, Azure, Python, Jenkins, Git, SAP, Docker, Kubernetes, AKS, EKS, Puppet, Terraform, Oracle, HANA, Delphix, New Relic, Terratest, Inspec

Nike, Lead Engineer, QM CoE

2/2018 - 2/2018

  • Practice lead for Test Automation, Unit Testing, Service Virtualization, and DevOps

  • Created Java based BDD test automation framework incorporating Cucumber JVM and supporting web, web service, Windows desktop, and tn3270 interface drivers.

  • Assisted in creating Python based BDD test automation framework incorporating Behave and supporting web, web service, Windows desktop, and SAP interface drivers.

  • Created Java based SV solution supporting SOAP and REST based services and offering a self-hosted, container based web interface, versioning friendly file based service descriptors, and incorporating a scriptable dynamic data-driven response.

  • Created prototype for an end-to-end SAP continuous integration solution supporting a Gitflow based branching model, Docker based on-demand development and CI environments. and automated change deployments to landscape managed environments via CHARM.

  • Developed unit testing practice, providing consistent definitions, methodologies, examples, and training and documentation.

Environment: Java, Python, Cucumber, Behave, Selenium, Jenkins, Git, AWS, Manhattan WMOS, SAP, Docker, Puppet, Terraform, Azure, Oracle, S/4 HANA, Delphix, Splunk, New Relic

Prokarma, Contract Solution Architect for Nike

5/2017 - 1/2018

  • Designed implementation and led delivery for a Java based BDD test automation framework providing "four-wall" test automation of Manhattan WMOS for Nike's Memphis warehouse facilities, reducing execution time from 18 hours to 3 hours as compared to existing solution.

  • Introduced CI development practices and workflows and managed development operations for a team of 20 offshore and 6 onshore contractors.

Environment: Java, Servlets, Tomcat, Cucumber, Selenium, Jenkins, Git, Saucelabs, AWS, Manhattan WMOS

Fiserv, Principal Architect, QA

2/2016 - 5/2017

  • Digital Channels divisional head of QA reporting to CIO, focused on process automation, monitoring, and establishing consistent CI/CD quality gates through each of our product delivery chains.

  • Serving on Agile Transformation and DevOps Leadership Team.

  • Member of each of six Product Portfolio Teams as stakeholder representing operational strategic alignment, that releases adhere to quality and operational standards and processes, and that teams have fully thought through operational aspects of changes and new features.

  • Championed adoption of tools and practices to increase process automation, delivery consistency, and environment flexibility, while decreasing deploy time, frequency of errors, and rework. Helped introduce Appium and Saucelabs for mobile automation, Azure for environment management with Ansible for configuration management, New Relic and Splunk for monitoring, and CA DevTest for service virtualization.

Environment: Windows .NET, IIS, SQL Server, Office, Project, Clarity, TFS, Visual Studio, Android, iOS, Appium, Selenium, Azure, New Relic, Splunk, Jenkins, Git

Fiserv, Product Quality Manager


  • Strategic manager of forty-five person Test and DevOps team with a $2.5M annual budget reporting to CIO and supporting +12M customers and +3K financial institutions at 3k RPS average throughput at frontend and facilitating 5k deployed mobile apps per quarterly release.

  • As part of executive leadership team, moved organization from waterfall to scaled agile PDLC, including planning required staff reorganization.

  • Led early adoption of DevOps practices and test engineering disciplines resulting in higher defect removal rates and defect time to resolution. My team adapted to providing early systems analysis, code review, merge and deployment validation, and exploratory testing, supported by a multi-tiered CI/CD process covering multi-team product merges via Git, automated deployment via MSBuild and Octopus Deploy, automated integration and regression testing via CA DevTest, as well as performance and security testing via VSTS and AppScan Code.

  • Architected test automation solution for our mobile apps and platform. Created cross-departmental strategy, built a team to support it, and then built and productised an Appium/SpecFlow/Jenkins based automation framework which supported Behaviour Driven Development and was able to drive all parts of our Mobile platform including mobile and web clients, rich channel web services, database, and SOAP and REST services.

  • Created and implemented ‘Peak Efficiency’ performance testing strategy that caters for continuous testing and capacity planning for our multi-tenanted SaaS mobile banking platform. The focus of this effort was to create scaled developer oriented System Performance Testing which was integrated to our CI/CD toolchain, while having Operational Performance Testing supported in a full scale clone of our production environment including hardware and network infrastructure (ESX/F5 based).

Environment: Windows .NET, IIS, SQL Server, Office, Project, Clarity, TFS, Visual Studio, Android, iOS, Appium, Selenium, SpecFlow, Javascript, Python, Splunk, C#, Azure, ESX, MSSQL, Jenkins

GFG Group, Manager, Development Operations and Quality


  • Line manager for team supplying testing services, business analysis, operational and environment support, and client support for more than twenty medium to large scale banks internationally.

  • Led a review of our quality and delivery pipeline to improve deployment speed, increase repeatability and improve monitoring and security of our application. Led adoption of ESX and VirtualBox, microservices based architecture, Selenium based automated testing, and Jenkins for CI. Also led a PoC using AWS for hosted clients and internal development and test environments.

  • Redesigned SDLC providing a framework for RACI based tasks, modular workflows and document templates.

  • Designed and presented technical and professional training sessions to staff covering topics including DevOps disciplines (transparent communication, and continuous integration, testing, deployment, and monitoring), process modelling, project quality management, performance testing, and use of virtualization for development.

Environment: Java, Servlets, Tomcat, Python, Javascript, Oracle, XML, Linux, Windows, ISO 8583, Card Payment Systems, Mastercard, Visa, Jmeter, Jconsole, BurpSuite, BackTrack., iOS, Android, ESX, Jenkins, Git, AWS

GFG Group, Automation, Performance, Security Testing Consultant


  • Architected, designed, and implemented a Java/Selenium based custom test automation suite. Tests executed automatically via Jenkins and ran on remote custom grid, reporting results back to the build system for review. The system was designed for web testing initially, but modular extensions allowed remote scripts via SSH, database queries, and remote logging as well as a JSON based API tests.

  • Provided remote production performance testing and tuning for client banks using Jmeter. Activities included scripting and execution, log and system analysis, JVM analysis, and tuning of disk and JVM.

  • Took a lead role in GFG's attaining PA-DSS certification for their products. Created web security regression test suite based on OWASP and leveraging BurpSuite for annual retesting. Provided test support and analysis during certification review. Wrote custom filters to fix CSRF and XSS vulnerabilities and provided implementation steps for setting up SSL.

  • Designed Single Sign-on (SSO) filter for implementation at one of GFG's clients.

  • Introduced virtualization for automated provisioning of test environments, allowing better reproducibility for defects as well as better reliability and deployment speed for development and unit testing of fixes.

Environment: Java, Servlets, Tomcat, Python, Javascript, Oracle, XML, Linux, Windows, ISO 8583, Card Payment Systems, Mastercard, Visa, Jmeter, Jconsole, BurpSuite, BackTrack., iOS, Android, ESX, Jenkins, Git, AWS

ASB, Manager, Test Automation and Performance Testing Team


  • Line manager and technical lead for a team providing automation, integration, and performance test services for the banks entire application suite.

  • Implemented strategy establishing practices for the team including structured code-based VSTS test suites (C#), adoption of standard development practices for the test team including versioning (TFS), code reviews and gated check-ins (VS), and automated environment provisioning and deployments (ESX).

  • Provided monthly management reporting outlining ROI, and risk avoidance benefits with department meeting target of 150% ROI consistently throughout my tenure.

  • Screened vendors and establishing contract and processes to vendor supplied resourcing.

Environment: Windows .NET and ASP, IIS, SQL Server, Testtrack, SharePoint, Office, Project, MindManager, QTP, LoadRunner, Visual Studio, Biztalk

ASB, Project Test Manager


  • Assigned Test Manager for Sovereign Insurance division, and responsible to provide strategy, resourcing, scheduling, planning, budgeting, and support for projects and BAU releases across Sovereign application stack.

  • Tasked with merging staff from two different subsidiaries including process overhauls, personnel management issues, clean up and cataloguing of documentation and templates, and managing clashes in employee expectations.

  • Handpicked as a specialist test resource for a security sensitive Vault Project with a high pressure fixed delivery deadline and two month project window. The project involved testing significant changes to physical and security infrastructure including cameras, security doors, two-factor authentication devices, secure network components, vaulting software, money counting hardware and software, and an overhaul in business process. Provided system analysis and architecture support (ARIS), development (Java, bash), performance, integration, and security testing (jMeter and BurpSuite), and networking and hardware installation and configuration (Wiring, Switches, Firewall, Closed Circuit Cameras, Alarm integration).

Environment: .NET and ASP, ICL Mainframe, SQL Server, Testtrack, SharePoint, Office, Project, MindManager, QuickTest Pro, De La Rue Inventory Supply Accounting, Talaris Mach 9 Coin Counter, GD BPS 500 Currency Counter, QTP, Jmeter, ARIS.

SecureMedia, SDET, Lead


  • Created build, test, and deployment practice supporting over 20 integrated client/server software packages and providing encryption, storage, streaming, and decryption services for streaming media system.

  • Introduced delivery chain management for testing, tracking, and delivery of software packages to our clients. This included versioning and package management processes via custom services, SVN and DokuWiki (Java, Bash, and PHP).

  • Designed and maintained production capacity test environments comprised of three independent Broadcast and VOD media encryption systems each running more than 5000 media clients and each streaming an average of 250 megabits of encrypted media continuously. The system included over 30 RHEL servers and custom RHEL based network components including multicast routers, HA load balancers, broadcast encryptors, NAS for media storage, simulated media consumers, physical integration of vendor set top boxes, and network hardware.

  • Responsible for maintaining product development network infrastructure, hardware, software maintenance, backup and DR procedures.

  • Introduced adoption of REST service based (Java and C) settop client software controls to allow remote enrolment, upgrade, status checks, and client account termination.

  • Responsible for conducting acceptance, functional, integration and performance testing and providing regular feedback of progress under extremely tight deadlines.

  • Led expansion of development infrastructure and network services and a shift from .Net based products to Linux based OSS products for most service and desktops installations in conjunction with a shift to Linux as a preferred platform for SecureMedia's product offerings.

Environment: Jmeter, Devtrack, Dokuwiki, Subversion, Bash, Perl, PHP, Javascript, Java, JSP, Servlets, Resin, Tomcat, Oracle, XML, Linux, Windows, Multicasting, MPEG2 and H264 Media Streaming.

RealNetworks, SDET, Lead


  • Responsible for directing staff in test plan creation, maintenance, and execution against a customized version of the RealNetworks Content Management Service, a Java based web portal designed for managed hosting of RollingStone magazine.

  • Verified test completion and provided regular reporting and documentation of functional, acceptance, performance, and stage testing covering a full set of commercial web clients and operating systems (Multiple versions of IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and alternative browser across Windows, OSX, Unix and Linux desktops).

  • Wrote, deployed, and maintained custom test support applications using PHP or Java, XML, XSL, and MySQL as necessary.

  • Performed technical analysis, troubleshooting, and issue management for integration with RealNetworks User Management Services (SOAP, tested through Wireshark and curl/Perl scripts) used by

  • Researched and implemented project management tools and documentation systems for use by internal departments.

  • Maintained compatibility testing between the Sports and News portal customer offerings (NFL, NBA, MLB, NASCAR, and CNN) and Real's SOAP based User Management Services which provided billing and product fulfilment (RAM, RMP via custom libraries in Java).

  • Performed technical analysis, troubleshooting, and issue management for production media delivery, ecommerce, and portal content management systems (Wireshark).

  • Built test automation platform using Jmeter to provide continuous integrated platform testing and simulated workloads to allow testing of live rolling deployments and HA infrastructure.

Environment: WinRunner, Junit, Jmeter, Bugzilla, PhpCollab, CVS, Java, JSP, Servlets, Tomcat, Oracle, XML, SMIL, Ram, Rmp, Unix, Linux, Windows.

AT&T, Contract Test Analyst


  • Performed complex data validation and functional test procedures against a collection of 16 integrated web-based applications that facilitate federally governed Local Number Portability between AT&T Wireless and other wireless carriers.

  • Used white box testing methods to run daily build verification, and valid value tests against Vitria Middleware interface modules.

  • Developed Java based test support applications used to convert large volume test data and create reports from it.

  • Acted as technical consultant for production IT support to research and resolve customer service complaints and coordinate cross-team resources to quickly co-create, develop, and deploy solutions and hot-fixes.

  • Provided technical training to new employees.

Environment: Test Director, ClearQuest, ClearCase, Siebel, Vitria, Java, JSP, Servlets, Oracle, XML, Unix, Windows.

Lexidia, Software Developer/System Admin


  • Designed and developed web-based classified search and listing engine for automobiles based on a set of web services that provide XML-based interactions to Value Added Resellers. Services worked on included fast client search request capabilities, web-based management interfaces for adding and editing listings and maintaining accounts, and a built-in image management system.

  • As system admin, built and maintained a Linux based WAN/LAN to provide the company’s development environment and initial production environment supporting services for MySQL, Tomcat, PHP, and Apache HTTPD as well as firewall, VPN, FTP, SSH, email and Fax services, DNS, Unix/NT networking via SAMBA and Cygwin, bug tracking, and a source versioning system.

Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, Tomcat, MySQL, XML, Linux.

Tuttle Decision Systems, Software Quality Assurance II

8/2000 – 2/2003

  • Designed and executed test procedures on a variety of web-based applications including automated mortgage underwriting and pricing engines, a reporting client, and risk management software.

  • Used both white box and black box methods to test back-end and GUI interfaces.

  • Performed valid value testing against Oracle and SQL Server databases.

  • Directed cross-group production level performance testing.

  • Assist in the customization and cross-company deployment of Mercury Test Director for writing and managing test scripts, for coordinated test execution and to remotely conduct off-hour automated testing.

Environment: WinRunner, Test Director, Oracle, Unix, BASH, ASP, VB, SQL Server 2000, IIS, Site Server, Windows.


Truman State University, Kirksville, Missouri

Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition/Liberal Arts, 1996